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Skipper- Glen Milligan

Master Boat Fisherman


oWorld Champion, 

Glen Milligan

Former World, European and National Champion. 

Former World, European and English boat fishing champion, Glen has made a successful career out of catching fish. 

Career Charter skipper and Commercial Bass Fisherman. Lure fishing expert.

Glen Milligan
Glen 3.jpeg

Ashley Jones

Commercial Fisherman

As a commercial Bass fisherman, only using fishing rods, reels and lures, Glen mastered his craft supplying restaurants throughout Europe with the finest, sustainably caught Sea Bass.

Glen says " Over the years I have been lucky enough to have experienced some of the most incredible bass fishing situations, now it's time to share these experiences!"

Glen Milligan Bass
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Glen 3.jpeg
Glen 3.jpeg

Tess Brown

Lure Fishing at it's best

We use ultra light fishing tackle to target these amazing fish.


Lisa Rose

Professional Skipper

Glen Milligan is not only vastly experienced he is also a fully qualified Commercially Endorsed Yachtmaster!

" My years on the water have taught me so much, but it's really important to back that up with the correct qualifications and technical knowledge, to safely take customers to sea!"

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