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Since my last blog the weather's settled allowing us to run several trips to the offshore banks searching for quality fish. These banks start at 10 miles from the harbour entrance so it's about 30 mins until we're fishing.

All the trips so far followed the same pattern with happy anglers on all days.

This yr just like last year we found large shoals of smaller fish (2-3lbs) at our first stop, this provided several groups a chance to use our "Slow-Jig" tackle for the first time, soon seeing how effective it is as the greedy fish smashed the small jigs that did a great job of imitating the sprats that they were feeding on.

Moving on to find larger fish, within ten minutes we were on the next marks soon founding the better fish, happy to say that every rod caught, all using the soft plastic lures that we provide. this despite the horrible water colour caused by 'May-rot', dying algae. On yesterday's trip I was keen to test our new lighter set ups that we provide, hto hooligan lure rod matched to a Penn fixed spool reel with a 90g head to a yellow body. Yellow can often be 'The' colour in these conditions and yesterday it most definately was, as on my first drift I was hit with fish-on! And what a fight it was! A superb strong fish, biggest of the year so far at 11.5lbs!

For the next couple of hours all rods caught decent fish, 4-5lbs typical size. Most were returned with just a few retained for the table. Lovely fishing!

Looking forward, this is what we're looking to offer as a typical bass charter, maybe it could be a bit sunnier but we'd all settle for the calm seas after the past six months or so!

Don't hesitate to call for a chat, plenty of availability as we look to build a our new, happy customer base!

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A superb day had by all, I’d highly recommended. Great fishing.

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