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Offshore Fishing Begins...

Well we're finally off and running having just had our first trips offshore. It's a later start than usual , we had to wait until the 22nd for the weather to finally allow us offshore. As you can imagine I've been chomping at the bit to get out there, to get a feel of the waters and to give the boat it's first extended run outs.

The boat, simply amazing! Pirate boats have a great reputation and I was not disappointed! As both trips we had blowy Nor-Westerly winds Pirate Gracie was fantastic at 20 knots, the crews were comfortable and dry sitting in the forward cockpit as the boat flew along!

So to the fishing, April is normally a very good month for Bass catches offshore ( 6-16 miles) as the fish feed hungrily after spawning as the water temps increase. However on these trips I didn't see much in the way of bait shoals which is essential, as the bass will be beneath them. We did find decent sized fish on the grounds hard on the bottom, biggest so far to me at 3.7Kgs (8lbs).

Boat Record so far, 3.7kgs

With a bit of wind forecast, and neap tides next week, the sea temp rising every day, I feel that the week starting 5th May could be very productive fishing out there! I have full availability all week. My plan is to list dates and times for that week for individuals and groups to book places on a new 'Calender' page on the website. Some trips will be all day 8-9 hrs ish, some trips will be shorter one tide trips 5-6 hrs.


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