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Here we go!!!!

Welcome all!

So yes here we go with our brand new bass fishing venture, what we'd describe as 'serious bass fishing charters!' As a commercial bass fisherman, this change was always the plan. For a new bass charter boat I had very specific requirements, after much research it was the centre consoled Pirate boat my only consideration. Qualities include great sea worthiness, plenty of fishing room, fast and stable. I wanted a boat that would be as happy fishing the offshore banks 20 miles out to sea as it would be within Chichester Harbour, fly fishing in the two foot shallows. "Pirate Gracie" became available, a deal was done, and after the usual bureaucratic frustrations, she was transformed into a superb bass charter fishing boat, fully licensed, insured and ready to go.

Autumn/Winter 2023-4

The weather is the king, it rules us and has ruled particularly harshly since we've started. This time of year is always when we find the big, big fish, fish of a lifetime for most people, fish up to 17lbs in recent years. I was really hoping to get some quality fishing headlines to help launch our new operation. However, as we now know this year has been the worse year ever, by far! certainly in my experience. Serious and constant wind has halted fishing from day one!

2024... As I write I see that potentially the weather patterns are changing for early January, if this is the case then I will endeavour to get to sea. The water temperature is still in double figures, it may well be that we have holding on our grounds throughout the new year. If that is the case then I will look to take some charters, those trips will be added to the website.


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